About PickQuick App

Pick Quick Limousine is bringing innovation at the palm of our hands. Now, anyone can experience the 24/7 on-time chauffeured service by just a click away.

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About CEO

Md Alamgir Hossain Ali


Md Alamgir Hossain Ali is a Bangladeshi entrepreneur who moved to Qatar in 1989. Completed his O and A level at Abudharr Ghifari College and earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science in (attending university and year of graduation)… Mr. Ali worked as a freelance worker for 10 years with several companies when he arrived in Qatar. Pursued his career as an entrepreneur and ventured to different businesses. First built his own limousine company on his early 30’s, tapping the real estate industry in one umbrella, which has now been known as Pick Quick Limousine and Real Estate. Currently, the company has approximately 500 diverse employeesand is still growing. Due to its continuous success, Mr. Ali has opened another business in the field of automotive, and food and beverage. Black Hills Garage and Welcome Friends Restaurant were born out of triumph and hard work, and has now been incessantly operating for (number of years)… Soon, Mr. Ali will be opening another project which gathers automotive parts to be refurbishedto utilize and maximize its use. This project will be called Black Hills Scraps which will be located in Street 52, Industrial Are, Qatar. Also, he got the best out of his transportation business and set up a car booking application which caters to the on-budget individuals so they can experience the same luxurious limousine service at a lower cost. Pick Quick App is a trending car booking app that is based in Qatar which serves the locals and expatriates for more than 5 months and since its introduction to the market, it has been receiving positive responses from actual people who actually use the service. The app is looking forward to be known as the most used car booking application in Qatar and will unceasingly provide its users the same professional and grand service that the Pick Quick Limousine and Real Estate gives to its clients. It is currently being planned to take the app into a wider scope by bringing it to other countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, and India.