Trip safety

Our number one PRIORITY to riders.

Go for a tune-up. For smooth sailing, Pick Quick is committed to make sure your ride is in good working order. Rider safety is the center point of our technology before, during, and after every trip. Here’s how.

Sign Up to ride

Before the trip

Arrange a safe ride

Safe Pickups

The Pickquick app determines your location instinctively so you can request a ride from anywhere and wait safely. Simply stay where you are.

Nobody’s a Stranger

It’s more secure as your driver profile appears in the app. Your driver’s name, photo, license plate number and rating- to better have an idea who’s picking you up.

Protect Phone numbers

As a rider you’re able to contact your driver on or after the trip. Communication between riders and drivers is anonymized to protect private phone numbers.

On trip

Closer to your destination

Share your ETA

It’s easy for your friends and family to know where you are at the moment. Get closer by following your route and know what to expect.

Always on the map

Get connected in actual time anywhere, anytime.

After the trip

Always here for you

Your feedback matters

After your trip, it’s important for us to know your overall experience by rating your driver. We love reading all your feedback because our goal is to make every ride as the extension of your home.

24/7 Support

For any questions you may have about your trip and help or retrieve your lost items. Our support team will be happy to assist you.